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    The Golf Swing Practice Target

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    Think About the Cube to Improve Your Golf Swing

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    Only Requires a 10-15 yard Safe Practice Area

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    No Practice Golf Balls to Shag Later

QBBall only requires 15 yards of practice area.

Limited Flight
Golf Swing Practice Target

The QBBall (patent pending) was developed for the golfer who has a basic understanding of their swing. Its' cube shape features a back edge for grip set up and an inside edge for stance alignment. Once stuck, the cube shape and limited characteristic shows obvious and immediate flight feedback.

QBBall news

Features and Benefits

  • convenient practice options using a smaller practice area, on your schedule
  • increased muscle memory
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Features and Benefits

  • develop and perfect your set up and swing routines
  • improved sense of confidence
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Features and Benefits

  • a consistent golf swing
  • more practice means more fairways and greens in regulation
Think About the Box
To Improve Your Golf Swing


golf player

No Practice Balls to Shag Later

golf player

No Nets to Set Up

I practice during my work day taking
swings outside of my office

Practice Your Woods in a 5 - 15 Yard Practice Area! Or Even Indoors!

Practice at Your Convenience!

No Nets to Set Up!

No Practice Balls to Shag Afterwards

More Swing Practice Equals More Fairways and Greens in Regulation

QBBALL Club Setup & Cues
Club Face Address and Set Up

image of cube and golf club head

Top Down View

15 minutes a day has meant
10 less strokes a round
and a more enjoyable game

Square Contact Spin

Square Contact with the cube results in the QBBall tumbling forward along its horizontal axis indicating top spin or backwards indicating back spin, depending on the club used.

square contact

Fade or Draw Spin

A fade or drawn QBBall is obvious from its flight path. This will also be apparent by the QBBall's spin action. The QBBall will spin left or right on its vertical access with the corners pointed upward.

fade contact
I developed QBBALL so I could practice more often,
when I wanted to, and in a smaller, safe area
The results I am scoring in the low to mid 40's for 9 holes
and breaking 90 on occassions.
More practice has made of golf
enjoyable againED J, MILAN, MI

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